The Basics of Object Orientation Ruby

class Tesla#your code hereend
class Tesla#your code hereendmodel3 =<Tesla:0x000055b1e0d41df8>
class Tesla#your code hereend model3 = Tesla.newmodel3.methods =>
[:to_json, :instance_variable_set, :instance_variable_defined?, :remove_instance_variable, :instance_of?, :kind_of?, :is_a?, :tap, :instance_variable_get, :public_methods, :instance_variables, :method, :public_method, :singleton_method, :define_singleton_method, :public_send, :extend, :to_enum, :enum_for, :pp, :<=>, :===, :=~, :!~, :eql?, :respond_to?, :freeze, :inspect, :object_id, :send, :to_s, :display, :nil?, :hash, :class, :singleton_class, :clone, :dup, :itself, :yield_self, :taint, :untaint, :tainted?, :untrusted?, :untrust, :frozen?, :trust, :singleton_methods, :methods, :private_methods, :protected_methods, :!, :equal?, :instance_eval, :==, :instance_exec, :!=, :__id__, :__send__]
class Tesla    def ignition     
puts "The Tesla is now turned on"
endmodel3 =
The Tesla is now turned on
class Tesla   def name=(car_name)
@this_cars_name = car_name

def name
endmodel3 = = "Optimus"
=> nil

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Arslan Ali

Arslan Ali

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